Terms & Conditions

All information that one can read about the store and the characteristics of the products on the websites is current and completely true. Each toy has a quality certificate, which shall be presented on client’s request. The customer provides the right to use your personal data as soon as a fully out the order. All the information can be used by the store request.

One can return the order only during two weeks after he or she have receipted the parcel. Rejection of the goods must be motivated. There are some important reasons, to which belong the defects of toys or other compelling reasons. If the injuries were caused during transportation, the losses are compensated by the carrier.

One can’t take in, that’s why after ordering the customer receives a letter on email-address which contains the names of the goods, their values and the total amount of payment. When the parcel is collected, we work without losing a moment and handed it immediately over to the carrier,  the customer receives the bill and lading number. This allows you in every moment to keep track of movements of the load and find out the exact delivery date of purchase.

When the misunderstanding has happened, all claims must be made in written form and be sure to consider the direction of the store. After the decision the client will be informed.

Answers to all questions can be found at the store website, or you can use the telephone for speaking with experts.